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July 21st, 2018
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It was a kind of quiet day to begin with at District 12 with Peeta, Annabeth, Aspyn and Haymitch just returning that day but things changed when the new head peacekeeper rolled into town and the peacekeepers took out the illegal market that was in the district and began punishing the people.

While Annabeth was tending to a lady she knew, Aspyn, wanting to help, was trying to stop a peacekeeper but I guess being a victor did matter to him the way he punched her to the ground, causing her cheek to get cut up in the gravel.

Gale just happened to be nearby when he saw Aspyn get punched and he yelled, "HEY! Leave her alone, you son of a bitch!" He ran, punching the Peacekeeper back.

"G-Gale?" Aspyn whispered, sitting up a little before they were both grabbed, making her scream. The next thing she knew, she was being held down by 2 peacekeepers and forced to watch the head peacekeeper whip the hell out of the love of her life.

"Stop it!" she cried out. "Leave him alone! Please!"

"Stop!" Annabeth had finally found out what was going on and ran, getting in front of Gale. "Stop it!" She panted, pissed and scared for him. She glanced over at Aspyn and saw she had been hit down and got even more mad. Not as mad as Haymitch, oh no.

He just showed up in time for the Head Peacekeeper to almost bring the whip down on Annabeth after already leaving a mark on her face. "Hey, whoa, I think you wanna stop there, buddy." Oh, it was taking everything of his not to kill him right then and there.

"She interfered with a peacekeeper!" he yelled at Haymitch.

"She's the Capital sweetheart and you ruined her face right before her wedding day. The people of the Capital and President Snow would not take likely to anymore harm done to her. So let's just call it a day, yeah?" Haymitch said.

The peacekeeper just glared at Haymitch and all 3 Victors since Peeta had run over to both protect Annabeth and check on her. "Fine but next time this happens, it's the firing squad for the lot of 'um."

"I totally understand. I get it. Thank you," Haymitch said before he went to check on Aspyn while Peeta and Annabeth untied Gale.

"Are you okay?" He whispered, checking her face.

Aspyn winced. "I-I'll be fine, Papa," she told him, wiping at her tears before seeing some of the other guys from the mine coming over to help Gale. "I-I only care if Gale's okay."

"He's strong; he'll be fine," Haymitch said, getting up and helping her up before they rushed Gale to Annabeth's house. Her mother could work on him.

After getting Gale taken care of and getting her cheek looked at, Aspyn had refused to leave Gale's side. She just sat in Annabeth's kitchen, her head laying on his arm as she watched him sleep. She'd never gotten to do this before and he looked so peaceful. It was nice.

Gale began to wake up and the first thing he did was groan because of the pain in his back. "Ugh...that's nice.." he muttered sarcastically before he saw Aspyn next to him. "Hey..." He grabbed her hand.

Aspyn smiled a little as she rubbed his hand. "Hey," she whispered. "How are you feeling, Gale?"

"I've been worse," Gale admitted. He really had. Maybe. "How are you? Is your cheek okay?"

"I'll be fine, Gale," Aspyn told him, lifting her head up and using her other hand to rub his cheek. "Just focus on you. Please."

"I'll be fine. I'm a tough guy," Gale told her, not wanting her to worry too much.

Aspyn frowned. "I'm gonna get you more snow, okay?" she told him as she got up.

"Alright, thanks," Gale said, kissing her hand. "I love you."

Aspyn smiled at little. "I-I love you, too."

She put her coat on and went outside to get fresh snow for his back. This was utterly killing her inside, seeing him hurting like that. She was honestly surprised she wasn't breaking down and having another panic attack.

Gale groaned and he sat up, feeling sick to his stomach because of the pain but he didn't want to make Aspyn worry. He felt like he always made her worry.

"G-Gale! Lay back down!" Aspyn told him, running over to his side after coming back in with the basket of snow.

"I have to use the bathroom," Gale lied, shaking his head and wincing when he sat up a little bit more.

Aspyn had a few tears in her eyes since she could tell he was still in pain. "Y-You're such a bad liar," she whispered, going over to the cupboards. "Let me.... Let me find you some pain killers or more morphling."

"Aspyn... Aspyn, come over here. Please," Gale pleaded. Dammit, he made her cry again!

Aspyn sniffled and walked over. "Y-Yes?"

Gale put his hand on the back of her neck and brought her into a kiss, the other arm going around her waist.

Aspyn felt a few more tears escape her eyes as her arms fell to her sides and she kissed him back.

Gale pulled away and he looked into her eyes. "I'm sorry for worrying you. I really am," he whispered. "I just couldn't stand by when you got hurt."

"But then I had to watch you get hurt," Aspyn cried a little. "Gale, it killed me inside, not being able to stop him."

"I know, but you did your fighting. You've done enough," Gale told her, petting her hair now. "I'm the one protecting you from now on, okay?"

A few days later, the morning after learning about Snow's surprise for the Quarter Quell, Aspyn woke up in bed next to Gale. She couldn't remember much from the night before after the announcement but she assumed she had a panic attack and Gale stayed with her all night to calm her down.

She frowned a little as she realized how annoying that had to of been and leaned down, kissing his cheek in his sleep. "Thank you," she whispered.

"'re welcome," Gale muttered out, opening one eye and grinning a bit at her. "Hi."

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