DC: Titans 2018 (Open)

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DC: Titans 2018 (Open)

Post by NiaHearts on Sat Dec 01, 2018 11:41 pm

Titans follows young heroes from across the DC Universe as they come of age
and find belonging in a gritty take on the classic Teen Titans franchise. Dick Grayson and
Rachel Roth, a special young girl
possessed by a strange darkness, get embroiled in a conspiracy that could bring Hell on Earth.
Joining them along the way are the hot-headed Starfire and lovable Beast Boy. Together they
become a surrogate family and team of heroes.


Richard "Dick" Grayson/Robin(Taken)

Age: 26
Occupation: Vigilante/Detective
Powers: Peak human physical condition/Master Hand-to-hand combat/Martial artist/Master Stick Fighter/Master Marksman/Master Acrobat/Skilled Leader/Expert Driver

Koriand'r/Kori Anders/Starfire

Age: 27
Occupation: Alien Scout
Powers: Tamaranean physiology/Enhanced strength/durability/Accelerated healing factor
/Solar energy absorption/Energy blasts/Expert hand-to-hand comba/Multilingual

Rachel Roth/Raven

Age: 13
Occupation: N/A (or anchor to Trigon)
Powers: Human-Demon Hybrid Physiology/Soul self/Astral projection/Umbrakinesis/Portal creation
/Biokinesis (possibly)/Resurrection/Healing/Empathy/Telekinesis/Telekinetic blasts

Garfield "Gar" Logan/Beast Boy (Taken)

Age: 15
Occupation: N/A (formerly part of the Doom Patrol)
Powers: Shapeshifting/Medical knowledge/Driving

Wallace "Wally" Rudolph West/Kid Flash (Taken)

Age: 28
Occupation: Scientist at S.T.A.R. Labs
Powers: Superhuman speed/accelerated healing/Tornado generation/High Intellect
Basic Gymnastics/Multilingual

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Re: DC: Titans 2018 (Open)

Post by NiaHearts on Fri Dec 21, 2018 12:51 am

Extra (Optional)
Love Interest (Optional)

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Re: DC: Titans 2018 (Open)

Post by NiaHearts on Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:58 pm

Age: 14

Alias: Swan

Powers/Abilities: Human-Demon Hybrid Physiology/Soul self/Astral projection/Photokinesis/Portal creation
Biokinesis (possibly)/Resurrection/Healing/Empathy/Telekinesis/Telekinetic blasts/Telepathy

History/(Past):When Raven and Renee were born, their mother, Angela, wanted to 
get rid of Renee for she knew that Renee could be Trigon's undoing. The two of them
together could ruin their father's plan of taking over the world after being unleashed from
his prison. Raven's adopted mother, Melissa, knew of Angela's plan to get rid of Renee so she took the twins
to somewhere safe. Melissa then dropped Renee off at an orphanage right outside a small town in Virginia while
she was to raise Raven, hoping that maybe she could keep her dark side oppressed and hide her from her father.

History/(Present): Renee had been adopted by a young couple that lived in Middleburg, Virginia.
Her adoptive father, Richard "Rick" Littelton, was an up and coming politician where his dreams
were to become mayor one day. While he worked on that dream, her mother, a beautiful  
woman named Emilia, was wanting to become a famous designer of wedding dresses. 
As they grew, so did Renee.She grew up with everything she could ever dream of. Important parents. A decent
two story grand house. She never had a worry or care while she was with her parents that made
the world seem like it was perfect in their small town they resided in. However, 14+ years later, 
Renee's world was about to turn upside down once some new characters come into town...

PersonalityRenee grew up smart, beautiful, kind, and caring. She loved any kind of animal (except bugs and spiders),
loved to express herself through contemporary dance and ballet, and absolutely loved her parents and friends. And everyone
loved Renee. Everyone in the town knew of the "perfect child of Middleburg". All of the teachers she ever had were always impressed with her 
intelligence. Every boy seemed to like her and all of the girls were jealous of her. That did cause her to be hated and envied
by others, creating bullies, but she was courageous enough to stand up to them. Not with violence, oh no. By talking with them.
Offering the oppressors a smile and a compromise to their situation. She helped a lot of people by just talking to them. It was like she had 
this "aura" to her that made her so easy to talk to and so likable by all ages. However, she wasn't perfect. Not by a long shot.
Renee knew she was different than everyone else, but she could never put her finger on it. She would have these weird dreams at night and could
kind of "feel" what people were feeling. Sometimes, Renee even swore she could hear their thoughts. She thought herself a freak, but of course
could not show how she really felt about herself to the world. Being the daughter of the mayor and a famous wedding dress designer had 
a certain reputation she needed to uphold. Renee had big plans for the world, but little she did know the world's big plan for Renee.

Extra: Renee's adoptive mother knew she was special. Called her a "blessing", but not because 

she was able to adopt their little girl when everything seemed blurry to her. One day, while she was driving Renee home
while it snowed, a truck had swerved right into their lane. It was too late to try and get out of the way, so as Emilia feared that it was too late,
Renee actually saved them by creating a shield. Emilia saw it all happen. The truck hit the shield, flipped in the air, and exploded right 
behind them, saving them from that fate. Emilia thought Renee to be an angel, but never spoke a word of what happened to anyone.

Love Interest: Garfield Logan, aka "Beast Boy"


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Re: DC: Titans 2018 (Open)

Post by Lily07 on Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:40 pm

Name/Alias: Quinn Parker aka Toxin
Age: 25
Powers/Abilities: Cling to Walls, Superhuman agility and Balance, Venomous Bite (two types: paralyzing venom and acid venom)

History: Alright, let's do this one last time. My name is Quinn Parker. And my life has always been a mess.
Long story short: my parents were really poor, and my life sucked because of that.
Sure, they did their best. They sent me to nice schools since i was a kid, spending almost all our money on that. But i would've preferred if they didn't.
I was always the odd one out, the 'poor girl' who had awful clothes, messy hair, dirty backpack and barely any pencils to use. They mocked me every single year, and i never managed to make any friends. They loved to steal the few bucks i had for lunch, break my locker to ruin my books, and mess with my desk with stupid pranks.
It was chaos, but that never stopped me. I worked hard, and was always one of the best in my class. I made sure to get the best grades i could, despite the hatred that created around my well off classmates. I loved science and experimenting, learning as much as i could about the world around me, which was something my parents could never do when they were my age.

Finally, i graduated from high school, with amazing grades and a scholarship to study bio engineer. Biology was a great passion of mine back then, and it was hard to choose between that and Zoology.
In the end, my love for experimenting won, and i got into a University with great renown to study exactly what i waned.

But the discrimination i had suffered all my life didn't stop with high school.
Even if in college it was easier to avoid bullying, as it was frowned upon in such a highly regarded institute, that didn't mean they treated me fairly.
Still, i managed to overcome all the problems i had, and graduated in time, with a great grade average.

But my life went south after this. My parents died, due to a stupid car accident. Seems the cheap, old car they had malfunctioned in the middle of a road. They crashed, it exploded, and they only found their corpses a few hours later, when the fire had spread enough to catch a local's attention.

With that, i was completely alone in the world. I was angry, hating the world.
But that wasn't the thing that made me what i am today.

No, the final straw was the fact that the one teacher that did appreciate me refused to sign a letter of recommendation so i could get a job. Why?
"Well, i only give one every year. It's just how i do things" he said. Sure, i knew that, i understood that. "Mr Maddison already got my signature, i'm afraid"
I almost punched him in the face. Of course, Maddison. A classmate that had practically bought his title, paying every single teacher to get grades good enough to pass every class. He was a complete idiot, totally incompetent, a guy who only spent time at parties and didn't even care to attend to half the classes.
Of course, he had paid that signature too.
He had gotten the job i wanted, at the Genetics Lab just outside town. They were starting to test new cloning techniques in different animals, insects and arachnids. New techniques with special chemicals, that wouldn't require all the hard work it took to clone a single creature. It was amazing, and I loved that job. I wanted that job. And it was taken from me because of what? Money?

Well, that was it.
If the world was never going to play fair, then neither was i. I'd make sure to balance it out, make everyone pay for all the injustice me and my parents had to suffer.

That night, I prepared everything i needed. I knew my way around chemicals and machines, so it wasn't hard at all.

Then, i waited. I knew Maddison would start working there next week. I had gathered that much information, it was pretty easy with my contacts at college.

So, during his first day of work, i put my plan into action. And i planted the bomb at the Lab.

Bypassing the security was hard. It was my first time doing something like this. But my anger was unstoppable, and so was i.

Unfortunately, i miscalculated the detonation time.
I was caught in the explosion before i even had time to leave the building.

There was a huge boom. The bomb wasn't too big, i didn't want to kill anyone but Maddison. But still, it was big enough to destroy most of the rooms next to the one he was going to work at.
Sadly, one of those rooms was the main lab, where they kept the chemicals and animals they were experimenting on.

When i woke up, i was in the middle of the rubble. A strange, stinking red fog surrounded the whole place. It smelled like death, and it burnt my nose when i breathed.

Despite this, i managed to get out of there alive, and without being caught. No one ever found out what i had done.

That wasn't where the trouble stopped though. On the contrary, everything began right there, even if i didn't know.

I began discovering my powers a week later, after going through a terrible fever that almost killed me.

Once the shock was gone, and after months of getting to know and understand my new abilities, i found my calling.

This was clearly a sign. This is what i was meant to do. I'd rid the world of injustice, of the people making life miserable for others, just because of their greed. I'd destroy anyone that causes pain for fun, for money, for fame, for glory. I'd maim and kill anyone that helped create this unfair world we lived in. Thieves, killers, corrupt cops and politicians, anyone who accepted bribes, or who gave them. Bullies, goons, murderers, they were all the same to me. And i'd dispose of them all the same way. Break the law, break someone's future, and i'll break you.

That's what i do.

Personality: After a tough life, she learnt that she could get whatever she wanted both through hard work and a firm but charismatic attitude. Despite her lack of friends, she knows how to get what she wants nicely from people with more authority than her, and she has used this skill to get herself a good job, and also to get in contact with her future victims.
She's a fast learner, both in the intelectual field and the physical one. Being an engineer graduate, she has knowledge of chemistry, physics and general science, alongside biology, which she uses to her advantage.

She can be soft and calm whenever she wants, and she can be scary and brutal too. But she'll never put herself in a position where she has to pretend to be weak. Strength is her main attribute, as she's hardworking and persistent to the extreme. She's willing to do whatever she thinks is necessary to get what she wants. Specially when it comes to what she believes to be justice.

Look: Vigilante Look

Extra (Optional):
Even with her now violent life, she still enjoys studying, learning, experimenting and reading books. She got herself a job at a small laboratory in the city, and she takes her job very seriously. Despite her objective to make the world a better place by getting rid of the trash that are criminals, she still wants to have a good job, get a nice apartment, and enjoy the life her parents always wanted for her.
Unfortunately, these two objectives sometimes clash, as it is hard to keep a balance between a normal life and the life of a vigilante that's running from the police.

Love Interest (Optional): Dick Grayson

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Re: DC: Titans 2018 (Open)

Post by NiaHearts on Mon Feb 18, 2019 7:04 pm

Yes, of course in! Very Happy

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Re: DC: Titans 2018 (Open)

Post by shinefairy Yesterday at 3:05 pm

Name/ Alias: Tia Mason, often referred to as Mason. / Metamorpho

Age: 27

Powers/Abilities: Transmutation of body/parts/ to elemental compounds/Alter the shapes and consistencies of elements/Combine elements to form complex compounds /Assume forms of gas, liquid or solid states/Natural body armor/Damage resistance/Super-Strength/Invulnerability

Tia Mason grew up and had the average everyday normal human life. She was a single child with two parents. Grew up in the capital Washington DC. Life was easy, had friends, went to school, graduated with good grades. Tia decided to go to Yale University to study archaeology. Her favorite subjects had always been those like history and cultural heritage. With a natural interest for the subject graduating with a Ph. D in anthropology, sub cat. archaeology wasn't hard. Mason ended up working in the National Museum of History. But every now and then she would get hired by other companies to go out on expeditions, retrieving artefacts or leading archaeological expeditions.

Being an adventurer, Tia traveled much, rather than find herself in an enclosed museum. When she got hired by Stagg Enterprises CEO, Simon Stagg, to retrieve an egyptian artefact, the Orb of Ra, there was no way she'd redject. However, it didn't turn out to be any ordinary expedition. Well in Egypt Tia met William Stagg, son of CEO Simon, who also was working on the same expedition. Shortly after they met the two of them fell in love.

When Simon found out about his son´s relation to miss. Mason he wasn't happy. He owned a fortune and he didn't want his son wasting time on a girl that he didn't see was good enough for him and their family's status. He arranged an attempt to end Mason's life during their expedition in egypt. His best henchmen at site, the cartographer Java was the one to arrange it all.

Inside the Egyptian Pyramid, upon finally finding the artifact, Orb of Ra, Java sets off the explosion from outside, unaware of his mistake. The Pyramid is old, and the inside and tombs are fractured and could with great risk cave in during the expedition. Tia Mason knew, like everyone else at camp the risk with every expedition. But that was what she loved, the risks, the adventure. She was the one who always went in, it was her expert field, that's what she was hired for. But this time she hadn’t went in alone. William Stagg had been by her side. Upon their discovery, their first discovery together, Tia had found the Orb of Ra. It was truly remarkable when she held it in her hands. Then, suddenly a big explosion, the ceiling crumbling over them. Before she could think of a way out the Orb of Ra burned her and she dropped it, gripping her hands. Then, with horror she saw how the skin on her hands turned white, spreading up her arms. Getting distracted it wasn't enough time for anyone of them to make it out before the pyramid collapsed.

After the dust cleared, everyone at the campsite started searching for signs of life. Both from Mason, and Stagg, who also had been missing at the time of the explosion. There wasn't much left but ruins, and any signs of life seemed more bleak by the moment. But as the searching forthwent some white liquid started moving under the rocks, shaping itself into a human form. From the darkness Tia blinked, seeing her hands put themself back together from some weird white daub. Naturally freaking out she remembered the explosion. The Orb, then the building collapsing. She began to search for William, throwing piles of rock away, not sure how she could lift those heavy rocks, but she could. In her search for her loved one she was blinded by flashlights she saw the others from campsite approach them.

Everything that happened next happened so fast. The looks of the others faces, the look on her own face when she had stepped on a piece of glass and catching her reflection. The next thing she knew she’d ran.

Finding out what really happened to her at the Marketplace in Kairo was horrifying and freaky. When she’d looked herself in the mirror she didn’t see herself, she didn't’t know what she saw. A monster. Some freak. Her once tanned skin was pure white, her hair was gone and so were her eyebrows. Her hazel eyes were light gray and the tone of her lips weren’t warm pink anymore but cold gray. What had happened to her when she touched the orb? Was she immortal? She had came back from the dead, or so she thought. It also broke her heart to have left without William. She left him under all that stone and rubble. But she realized her second mistake had been to have left the Orb somewhere there under too.

Somehow making it back to the States Tia went back to her job, hoping the other experts would know how to cure her condition. She lost her job the moment she stepped back through the doors. Tia then decided to seek guidance from her parents, but they rejected her. Being basically left with nothing but a scared face, or at least that how she saw it. She didn’t blame everyone else for seeing her as a freak. But she didn’t want to be one. All of this has lead Tia Mason to Central City, where she know Star Labs have their best scientists, hoping they can fix her condition.

Personality: Tia is an adventurous, free spirited and quick thinking woman. She’s very passionate, especially about work. She’s fearless and wants to be where the action is. She’s one of the best in her field of work and isn’t afraid to admit so.
After she turned into Metamorpho Mason have been keeping a low profile. Getting rejected for the first time in her life isn’t something she know how to cope with. She’d always been wanted. Now she’s not. However, Tia is determined… desperate to get back what she had. She doesn’t deal with loss well, and this was a big lose to her. To not draw any attention or freak people out, Tia wears a wig and make-up to cover her white, bald complexion whenever she’s in public. She wears covered fully covered clothes and does anything to appear normal.

Extra: Unlike most other people Tia cannot assume a normal, fully human form. Her body no longer is composed of flesh, blood and bone. As such, she regards his metamorphic powers as a disease and seeks a cure for his condition. Because she considers herself a freak she only wishes to be restored to her former human state.

Simon Stagg, blames Mason for the death of his son, even though he was the one who gave the order to Java to place the bombs. As so, he went to the campsite in Egypt after the incident. They found the remains of William, but they also found the Orb of Ra, free from damage. Now, the Orb of Ra can be used against Mason.

Love Interest: Wally West



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Re: DC: Titans 2018 (Open)

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