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July 21st, 2018
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It was the beginning of summer vacation and Terumiko wanted a nice weekend with her husband. Just the two of them, no hero missions, no school. Just the two of them.

"Shouta," she said, shaking his shoulder. "Wake up, sleepyhead."

Shouta groaned a little. "Do I have to?" he muttered.

"Yes," Terumiko giggled. "You agreed to have a nice weekend with me and we're gonna have one!"

"Can't we just lay in bed and not move?" Shouta asked.

"That gets boring after a while," Terumiko pouted before she began to tickle him. "Get up!!!"

Shouta grabbed her wrists, giving her a look. "Teru, what did I say about tickling?" he asked, sitting up.

"That you don't like it- but I love to see you laugh and smile!" Terumiko told him.

Shouta smiled a little as he shook his head. "What am I gonna do with you?" he asked, letting her go.

"Love me forever?" Terumiko smiled cutely at him, batting her eyelashes.

Shouta sighed at her. "Now I see where your sister gets that from," he teased, kissing behind her ear.

Terumiko blushed when he kissed her there and she covered her neck with her hand. "D-Don't kiss me there!" she whined.

"And why not?" Shouta asked.

"You know why!" Terumiko told him. It was a 'spot' of hers that would want her to get in the mood with him or just made her embarrassed.

Shouta sighed. "We're not in public, Teru. What's the big deal?"

"I dunno," Terumiko muttered. "But come on, lets go out for breakfast. Pretty please?"

"Where do you want to go then?" Shouta asked.

"Mmm... Dunno. Lets just go out and find a place that catches our eye," Terumiko said.

Shouta smiled a little. "Fine but then we're going to have a talk about your reaction to my kiss."

"W-Why do we need to!?" Terumiko got even more red before she playfully pushed his chest and got up. "Come on! We're burning daylight!"

"Teru, baby, I'm serious," Shouta told her as he got up.

It was the beginning of Izzy Wagner's first year at U.A. High. She actually managed to make it into the most esteemed class a first year could have, even though she was sure the teachers and staff knew about her family.

She was on her way when she spotted Eijiro Kirishima and Mina Ashido, both kids from her middle school and who also did the entrance exam. They had done great and it seemed like they passed as well. A part of her hoped they weren't in her class, but the way they did, she bet they got accepted.

Eijiro had spotted her up ahead and smiled. "Izzy! Hey!" he called.

Izzy stopped and she looked up to see him waving at her. She frowned, staying silent and walked past him.

"She still doesn't talk," Mina frowned, gripping her backpack.

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